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Me vs. Running

When I was in my 20s, I got into plenty of dumb stuff. One of which being endurance running. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the long-distance life. I have zero complaints or lasting injuries despite what nay-sayers, well, say. The “dumbness” wasn’t in the hobby itself, it was in the way that I approached fueling and training for events. I did EVERYTHING wrong… In late 2007, an old acquaintance from High School posted something on FaceBook about wanting to

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Floofy Butter Puck Biscuits

Full disclosure: When it comes to the many talents I boast about, baking is definitely not in my top 10. The ratio of culinary win vs. failure is significantly weighted towards the latter whenever a cup of flour and a whisk is involved. But alas, despite the odds, I managed to craft some respectable biscuits in the wee hours of this morning! Ingredients 3c Flour 1.5T Baking Powder 3T Sugar 1/2T Salt 3/4c Butter 1.5c Whole Milk 1 large egg

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Obligatory Awkward First Post

Oh boy, oh boy! Can you smell it? Ahh! Fresh new blog smell <3. Once upon a time, I had a pretty keen knack for making words happen. Sometimes, I would even get paid to “Make The English.” Back then, life was a lot less complicated. Pre-Motherhood Che didn’t understand how it could possibly take parents an hour just to get clothing and shoes on everyone before heading out the door. There wasn’t anyone screaming MAAAAHM every 2 minutes because

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