Me vs. Running

When I was in my 20s, I got into plenty of dumb stuff. One of which being endurance running. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the long-distance life. I have zero complaints or lasting injuries despite what nay-sayers, well, say. The “dumbness” wasn’t in the hobby itself, it was in the way that I approached fueling and training for events. I did EVERYTHING wrong… In late 2007, an old acquaintance from High School posted something on FaceBook about wanting to

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Floofy Butter Puck Biscuits

Full disclosure: When it comes to the many talents I boast about, baking is definitely not in my top 10. The ratio of culinary win vs. failure is significantly weighted towards the latter whenever a cup of flour and a whisk is involved. But alas, despite the odds, I managed to craft some respectable biscuits in the wee hours of this morning! Ingredients 3c Flour 1.5T Baking Powder 3T Sugar 1/2T Salt 3/4c Butter 1.5c Whole Milk 1 large egg

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