Obligatory Awkward First Post

Oh boy, oh boy! Can you smell it? Ahh! Fresh new blog smell <3.

Once upon a time, I had a pretty keen knack for making words happen.

Sometimes, I would even get paid to “Make The English.”

Back then, life was a lot less complicated. Pre-Motherhood Che didn’t understand how it could possibly take parents an hour just to get clothing and shoes on everyone before heading out the door. There wasn’t anyone screaming MAAAAHM every 2 minutes because of either A.) There is a rock in her shoe (does not matter if shoe is presently installed or not) or B.) Apple.

Two words: Uninterrupted Sleep.

Now, as I sit across the dining table from The Toddler Overlord, I couldn’t think of any other person I would rather be completely and utterly, emotionally and physically, demolished by.

In between loads of laundry, sinks full of dishes, and cups of reheated (5+ times) coffee, I have managed to find something precious: The drive to better myself and passion to help lift others up that may be having the “not so fresh” life/business-type-feels.

Suddenly, I find it fascinating to “Make the English” again. Welcome back, Me. Nice to re-meet you.

The Path to “Getting my Groove Back”

Rewind: Before I became this Mombie (Zombie + Mom) fueled by caffeine and snark, I was convinced the only way I would “make it” in this world is if I climbed the traditional career ladder.

As it turns out, the conventional 9-5 life did not suit me in these early years of my child’s life.

It’s super hard to feign bravado in the office once the passion to excel in your current career is extinguished. Couple that with some deep-rooted conflicts with the direction the corporate moral compass kept pointing… and boom! No longer an ideal fit, one star, do not recommend…

It has been nearly a year since I said goodbye to long commutes, daycare drama, sub-par office coffee, breast pumps, and crippling depression. I would say that I miss being a working mum, but that is a target I would rather not aim upon again anytime soon.

Since then, I have tried dabbling in quite the variety of things: Home/Consumer Grade Appliance Repair, Kitchen Coach, Children’s Educational Materials, Women’s Apparel/Accessories… all of which resulted in teaching me valuable lessons about myself, the limitations of motherhood, and the capacity at which I can function as a professional in parallel to being an involved and dedicated mother.

Lessons Learned…

Every endeavor I’ve embarked upon led me back to one core truth: I need to build a business whose mission is in line with the type of parent I want to be to my child. I need her to grow in an environment that inspires her to live her most authentic life. The core values I wish to instill upon my daughter need to be incorporated into my corporation. Only then will all of the sacrifices be worth the return.

What Now?

The Toddler Overlord and I spend the better part of our days coming up with silly songs and ways to learn through play. Witnessing the incredible skills she is acquiring both cognitively and socially has inspired me to create truly unique experiences that I am passionate about sharing with other families. As a result, I am launching an Educational Entertainment firm.

The programs I am offering encourage families to tap into the inherent ability for children to develop and grow through exploring the world to the beat of their own drums (literally).

In the meanwhile, I also have found myself dabbling in Social Media Strategy and Content Management. I love to write and analyze the impact of “Making the English,” so I have finally begun to reach out to a few small businesses struggling in this arena to offer services. I figured after putting in 180+ hours of studying and familiarizing myself with best practices, I should probably share the knowledge and love with a few companies that I believe in to gain some experience in the field.

Lastly, in all of my infinite free time (ha), I have been honing in my skills to become a Full Stack Developer. Front-end Web Development has always been a passion of mine (even though I haven’t taken the time to write anything for my own sites just yet… it’s on the list). I have years of experience in database management and some experience in systems engineering… so I have some of the base fundamentals under my belt already. Honestly, as I knock out the online classes and cuddle up with random nerdy library books, I have found it refreshing to humble myself re-learning everything from the ground up all over again.

There are some big things brewing for our little family!! I’m excited to document the journey and share some of the awesome things I’m doing here!!

Whew, that was easy. Super awkward first post: complete. BOOM!

If you happened to stumble upon this post somehow, feel free to drop a comment with some of your own random combinations of words (preferably of the positive variety)!

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