Oh Hi! I'm Che Angela...

The two most pivotal moments of my adult life have been giving birth to my daughter and deciding to quit the traditional “9 to 5” corporate lifestyle.

I was terrified.

My journey to Motherhood was less conventional than most.  After 15+ years of being thrown the “infertility card,” my partner (Isaac) and I were wildly thrilled to find out miracles do really happen.   

I had even less clue as to how to thrive as an entrepreneur.  With nearly 2 decades bouncing around from one tech job to another, I became reliant on steady pay and comprehensive benefit packages.    

Good gravy, I gave Google a workout those first few years.  Thankfully, I was able to find the resources I needed to successfully navigate towards being the Mom-treprenuer I dreamed of being.  

It is my passion to leverage the skills and certifications I’ve picked up along the way to support you in your big life changes.  

A Little More About Me...

“Who am I?”

Well, I’m a fun-loving dork of a human with a knack for turning the mundane into a wiggly-giggly dance party.  

As an inherently positive and empathetic human, I thrive in environments that encourage meaningful connections and the ability to nurture and nourish people with equal portions of practical and emotional care.

My family may be small, but mighty.  The Dadpanion, Isaac, is a passionate writer, performer, and craft beer enthusiast.  Our daughter (Zo) is a sensitive, gentle child that loves the arts and farts. 

Our favorite activities include cooking, “super fast” joggytime outdoors, and walking our ancient Shih Tzu-Schnauzer.

Born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in West Michigan, I am no stranger to Grand Rapids, MI.  Having just moved back here after a 10 year vacation in Austin, TX, it’s a real treat to fall back in love with our great state of Michigan!